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Pen, together with Knight, escapes to the kitchen in the club, while Stryker kidnaps behind Temple, Miller and the others in the club. The club is encompassed by the police, however Ridley does not consent to enter. Confine and Knight get to the storm cellar through a mystery entrance. Sanctuary gives Miller's injury, which uncovers her reality about Stokes' demise and his declaration and about the mystery entry in the kitchen. Sanctuary escapes and joins Cage and Knight, who must shoot gunfire wounds. Utilizing the speakers, Stryker requests that Cage meet him and compromises to execute the prisoners. Enclosure chooses to meet him. Alvarez finds a mystery entry and assaults Temple and Knight, who figure out how to overcome him and overwhelm him. Stryker executes Boone. Pen discharges episodes past Miller, which Stryker utilizes as an assurance of his getaway. A SWAT unit comes in, compromising Cage to utilize the "Judas" rockets given by Dillard to the police. Enclosure, Alvarez and different hired soldiers are captured. Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 11, Luke Cage Episode 011 HD, Luke Cage Episode 11 Hindi Dubbed, Luke Cage Hindi Dubbed Download, Luke Cage Season 1 Hindi Dubbed 720P, Luke Cage HD Season 1 Episode 11 Hindi Dubbed, Luke Cage S01E11 Hindi Dubbed, Luke Cage HD Hindi Download Movie Quality : 720P WebRip Movie Size : 526 MB Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio) Download Link