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Pen figures out how to escape from the police guard. Knight endeavors to find Stryker and tidy up Cage's name. Stryker pays safeguard to Alveraza and after that employs Zip and his men to slaughter him, however Alvarez murders them. General supposition is again on Cage's side, however the police are as yet endeavoring to capture him. Mill operator meets Knight and discloses to her that he will affirm against Dillard in return for security. Knight conceals her in the loft of Soledad Tepmle. Alvarez meets Dillard and recommends teaming up with Cage to overcome Stryker. To persuade Cage, Alvarez needs to utilize the proof he has acquired for Lucas' guiltlessness. Pen discovers Berrett, who works with Stryker and powers him to uncover the area of Stryker. Colon and his men assault Stryker, however he figures out how to vanquish them and departure. Confine achieves the place and spares the injured Colon. Whenever Alvarez and Dillard attempt to persuade Cage to team up with Pop's beautician, Stryker assaults Cage in a unique suit. Knight sets off after Dillard and Alvarez, and Cage starts to battle Stryker. Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 12, Luke Cage Episode 012 HD, Luke Cage Episode 12 Hindi Dubbed, Luke Cage Hindi Dubbed Download, Luke Cage Season 1 Hindi Dubbed 720P, Luke Cage HD Season 1 Episode 12 Hindi Dubbed, Luke Cage S01E12 Hindi Dubbed, Luke Cage HD Hindi Download Movie Quality : 720P WebRip Movie Size : 639 MB Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)