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Lucy is a movie French of activity and sci-fi of 2014 composed and coordinated by Luc Besson and created by EuropaCorp and Groupe TF1 . 1 The shooting occurred in Taipei , 2 3 4 5 Paris and New York . 6 7 The film is played by Scarlett Johansson , whose character is compelled to practice " donkey " for a Korean mafia that expects to bring an amazing creator medicate into pockets of kilo that, while blasting inside your living being, incites in it some physical and mystic capacities.

The debut occurred on July 25, 2014 8 and was a blockbuster in the wake of gathering in excess of 450 million dollars against the 40 million spending plan of the film, 9 being the third most noteworthy netting generation concentrated on a lady by behind Wanted and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider , both featuring Angelina Jolie . In August of that year 2014 it outperformed in film industry the two movies recently referenced, turning into the main.

Lucy Miller ( Scarlett Johansson ) is a youthful American who dwells in Taiwan and whose companion deceives her into conveying a folder case. What Lucy does not know is the thing that this portfolio contains or that her recipient is a Korean mobster calling Jang ( Choi Min-sik ), who means to present another medication in the western market : CPH4. This substance is produced amid pregnancy to accomplish the quick development of the infant's bones and muscles. Similarly as with three different outsiders, Lucy is held and a sack with this medication is brought into her stomach area. Not at all like the other three held, Lucy safeguards herself from an endeavor of maltreatment by one of her captors and this one hits her and the pack with medications separates, spreading through her circulation system and changing her eternity. Abruptly, he can utilize 40% of his cerebrum action. That is, he can talk and compose Chinese , recall the scents of his first long periods of life and notwithstanding when he goes to a doctor's facility to have his medication sack evacuated he needn't bother with anesthesia since his mind controls the torment.

Before setting off to that healing facility figures out how to escape from where she was held, Lucy goes to this doctor's facility to have her sack expelled from inside. The specialist clarifies what the medication comprises of and is amazed that Lucy is as yet alive. The young lady chooses to illuminate the European police of the character of the other three muleteers , in light of the fact that she needs to get the other three sacks of medications before the Korean mobsters. As far as it matters for her, Lucy contacts with teacher Samuel Norman ( Morgan Freeman ) to help her answer the inquiry that has been defined as an examination question and in the wake of perusing every one of her investigations in almost no time: what is the individual ready to do when utilize 100% of your cerebrum limit?

As of now on the plane to Paris, where he has been cited with Professor Norman, the rate Lucy employments of his cerebrum is 60%. Subsequent to drinking a glass of champagne , contrary with the cell multiplication that is encountering because of the medication, Lucy starts to break down. He figures out how to maintain a strategic distance from it by utilizing more medications and it is the point at which he lands at the Charles de Gaulle air terminal that he connects with police chief Pierre del Río ( Amr Waked ) to enable him to recuperate the sacks. The rate that Lucy employments of her mind action as of now surpasses 60% and is prepared to do clairvoyantly debilitating both the French gendarmeslike the hoodlums who abuse the couple. That is the reason he figures out how to recoup the rest of the sacks with the medication and meet with Professor Norman in a lab, in which Lucy illuminates them of all that he knows. In the meantime, there is a shoot-out between cops, security individuals and Jang's men.

While conversing with the researcher about the starting points of time and life and about how individuals mutilate reality, Lucy requests that Norman's associates infuse the four sacks intravenously to accomplish 100% mind limit. . At the point when that occurs, they will give all of you the data so they can research it. Since when that occurs, Lucy will pass on. Subsequently, his body enters a transformation in which it is changed into a dim issue that is extended by the research center looking for a wide range of vitality: Lucy is engrossing it to assemble a protest equipped for putting away the entirety of its data. In this procedure, the hero secures the staff of physically going in space-time, with which he withdraws thousands and afterward a large number of years, until the point that he encounters the main Lucy : the principal primate on the essence of the earth who is known and who was named toward the start of the film. Your voyage proceeds until the point when you achieve the Big Bang , while achieving 100% of the utilization of your mind.

Right now Mr. Jang enters the scene and shoots him. Be that as it may, his endeavor to end it is vain when in the genuine universe vanishes in space-time leaving just the garments. Paralyzed by what he has quite recently seen, Jang is executed by Del Rio and kicks the bucket. Out of risk, Norman perceives how Lucy's body has changed into a sort of gigantic solid figure holding a pen drive before vanishing totally. At the point when Del Rio requests her, he gets a message in which he peruses: " I am wherever ."

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